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What I Do

I am a copy editor. This means that I will check grammar and punctuation, make note of confusing or unclear statements, and occasionally rework sentences for clarity. My job is to help you share your message clearly, effectively, intelligently, and beautifully.


When editing, I refer to:

Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.)

SBL Handbook of Style (2nd ed.)

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.)

If you have a particular style guide that needs to be followed, just let me know and I will familiarize myself with it.


I work in Word or Pages (depending on your preference) with the Tracked Changes feature turned on to make edits. This allows you to see my changes and accept or reject them as you see fit. If you prefer, I can also provide a clean copy (with all changes accepted).


The time I need to work on a project depends on number of pages, quality of writing, and amount of editing you require. I provide an estimate for each project and will let you know if more time is needed. There is an additional fee for rush projects.


I will archive your project for up to two years, so if you lose the file or need a backup for any reason, I will have one.

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